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We recently attended the Leeds CEIAG sessions, organised for all their schools and colleges in Leeds. David Cooper, Co-Head, and Iffat Ahmad, Pathways and Progression Co-ordinator, presented to the audience on our best practice for careers at Batley Girls’ High School.

We were delighted to receive the following feedback from Careers staff who attended this session:

“I can tell you that you received only positive feedback from delegates. We cannot share the feedback forms but your session was graded either Good or Outstanding. Many colleagues cited your session in the ‘What Went Well’ section with comments such as:

“Great visitors to share practice and contacts.”

“Great to hear from staff at Batley Girls’ regarding best practice, particularly engaging parents.”

“Good range of different providers. Enjoyed Batley Girls’ High School talk – very informative.”

“All in all everyone was really
welcoming of your input. I am so sorry I
missed it but I do once again thank you
both very much for coming and sharing
your great practice across the city.”

Other delegates also commented
that the session was excellent. Verbal
feedback on the day was extremely

positive. One of the comments said the network was one of the best she had been to; the content was really good.

Organisers of the event said about Batley Girls’, “There was a lot of verbal feedback that they would have heard. A lot of schools were envious of their strategy and the staffing they had dedicated to CEIAG within the school. Members understood that it was a result of a lot of hard work and years
of perseverance, but it has given them an incentive to keep on keeping on!”

School Careers Team

National Careers Week and National
Apprenticeship Week 5-9 March 2018

Mrs Iffat Ahmad Pathways & Progression Co-ordinator

Activities have been planned in Reflection Time for all year groups and recently an employer came into school to talk to our
Year 13 Employability Group about what employers are looking for.

The Careers Team has been involved in the ‘Parents and Daughters’ project this term. This has involved careers sessions for both the students and their parents, followed by a visit to a university and Degree apprenticeship event at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

There are record numbers of students seeking to apply for apprenticeships this year and a workshop was held on Friday 23
March to talk students through the application process.

After Easter, Year 10 students will start to learn about their options Post 16 and will start to be offered 1:1 appointments with the Careers Adviser. If parents would like to attend this interview in school, please contact the Careers Adviser directly either by email
or by telephoning the school.

01924 350091

Mrs Pamela Wood Careers Administrator
01924 250080 ext. 203

Ms Julie Tipper
C&K Careers Adviser
01924 350080 ext. 220

Mrs Amneet Mehat Careers Mentor
01924 350080

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