Julie Haigh

I am Julie Haigh, Co-Head at Batley Girls’ High School, CEO of Batley Multi Academy Trust and a National Leader of Education. I have 22 years of experience as a teacher and I joined the school in 1996 after working as a school leader in secondary schools in both London and Leeds. Throughout my teaching career, my driving force has been an absolute commitment to raising standards of achievement so that all young people have the very best possible life chances. I lead Parents’ Forum and also chair a charitable community arts organisation that works with parents, our family of schools and community groups. Engaging with parents and the wider community is vital to our success. From 2004 onwards, I have led on our Specialist Status initiative with the central aim to improve our students’ educational progress and outcomes in all subjects. I work closely with both our English and Maths teams and have linked to Science to support them in raising standards. During the past 12 years, we have achieved an excellent upward trend in regard to exam results and progress in all year groups. However, equally important, is our exemplary care for the ‘whole person’. Striking this balance between academic success and personal development is what makes us ‘Outstanding’. We have used our specialism highly effectively to secure this. This year, yet again, the school had the best Value Added score for all Kirklees secondary schools. I now work local schools to support improvements in my role as NLE.

David Cooper

My name is David Cooper and I am Co-Head at Batley Girls’ High School and SLE for careers. I started working in Batley Girls’ in 1997 and have worked in a number of roles in the school before taking  my current position in September 2017. I lead on a wide range of careers and aspirations building initiatives, such as the Kirklees Careers Hub and all HEI and employer partnerships. In addition, I am strategic lead for KS5 and link to the Arts and Humanities faculties, as well as Year 7 Transition.

Debbie Goddard

My name is Debbie Goddard and I am one of the Directors of the Inspiring Education  Teaching School, being responsible for CPLD. As SLE I am heavily involved in school to school support through partnerships links. Inspiring students is integral to ensuring their success and encourages them to fulfil their potential. My role as Deputy Head Teaching and Learning at Batley Girls’ High School is to inspire students to accomplish beyond their expectations and to foster a motivation that stays with them throughout their lives. I have worked here for 19 years; beginning my role as a full time P.E. teacher and developing through the roles of 6th Form Pastoral lead, Faculty Curriculum lead, and Assistant Head, to my current role now.  As role models for students and colleagues we need to connect on multiple levels, be committed yet disciplined in our approach and continue to build on our growing success.

Emma Rodrigues

My name is Emma Rodrigues and I am Assistant Head at Batley Girls’ High School and SLE for Initial Teacher Training. I have been in the teaching profession since 1993. In this time I have worked in a number of roles in terms of both curriculum development and cultural opportunities. Since 2009 I have been in charge of the training of student teachers, working with numerous universities and Higher Education providers to ensure that the future generation of teachers is the best we can possibly have. At present I am the Co-ordinator for The Yorkshire Rose Teaching Alliance, which comprises a number of local secondary and primary schools who select and train up teachers in a range of subject areas and ages. This is part of the national School Direct initiative which has seen a significant change in the way that teachers are trained. I firmly believe that this is the future for ensuring that students are taught by outstanding teachers, both within this school and also our partnership schools. I am now also one of the  Directors of the Inspiring Education Teaching Alliance, being responsible  for ITT.